• iPhone iOS8 GUI for Photoshop

    If you ever find yourself needing to mock up a presentation that includes screenshots from an iPhone, here’s an easy to use Photoshop layered file that contains all of the interface elements from the public release of iOS 8.

    The PSD is a well organized, labeled and full of editable shape layers. You might also find it useful for mocking up apps or to concept ideas with custom interface elements that work harmoniously with those native to iOS. Have fun!

    To download the file, head over to: http://www.teehanlax.com/tools/iphone/

  • How to TAG people on Facebook who are not Friends

    If you have a photo on Facebook that features multiple people and you would like to tag them all, even the ones who you are not friends with, there’s a way you can. Normally, when you begin to tag photos, a list of your friends appear as soon as you begin typing. But type the name of someone that is NOT your friend and nothing shows up. The photo will still have the name listed as being in the photo, but it won’t be a link in the same way a tag is. The solution is to add the “@” symbol before the name. Instead of “Jane Doe,” try typing “@Jane Doe.” As long as one of the two of you doesn’t have the other blocked, you will have just tagged them in your photo!

  • 50 Great tutorials designed to help you improve (or remember) your Photoshop skills.

    You’ve probably had those moments when you would like to incorporate elements or techniques you’ve seen before into a project you’re working on. Being able to create without the hinderance of wondering how to make your digital tools accomplish what you’re after not only makes you faster, it also lets the final product springboard into something better than the idea that originally inspired you (or it should). Take a look at this list of Photoshop tutorials that cover some really amazing effects and how show you how they’re done. Even if you already know how to create the effects covered, its nice to go, “Wow! I forgot I could do that!”

    Link: http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illustration/50-best-photoshop-tutorials